Key steps to growing your business

ever seen products and wonder how they are not known or not doing very well? In most cases its pretty obvious at first glance but there are those exceptions. Those that keep you wondering why. Why do some businesses struggle and others excel?

Before you get to the money statement, let me point it to you that some companies actually have the finance and start big and after a lot put in, they wither away like a dying branch. So its not about having the finance, its about making the right moves that position your company from a marketing perspective where your potential clients can most likely see them. So what are some of these right moves?


This is so important. The world we live in today, it is more important to have a social media address than it is to have an actual physical address. There are many businesses that are run completely online. these business Sell, export, service various level clients but have no actual verifiable address except a comfort that has grown for their service over the internet. So is it a waste of time to have a physical address? Definitely not. Have an actual address people can reach is important whether or not they ever get to come through the door. but this is to let you know how important it is to be active online.

Many times, I have been faced clients and while I talked to them about business, next thing they asked for was our instagram handle.


While its great to try out business, its important that people can actually build an image of who you are and what you stand for. This makes it easier for them to relate with you. When I want to buy burgers I have places that come to my head, when i want to buy shoes some other set of places. when you decide to do too much that are unrelated, especially under the same business name, it puts people off on really relating with you as any one of those items that you sell.


Now this is important. When you are consistent and positioned rightly to be seen, it it important to then do something that would actually make people see you. Nothing gets attention like yelling in a park. this is a kinda like what publicity does. Publicity ensures the people actually turn to look. Your remaining positioning is what ensures that they buy.


Branding has evolved in recent years from something that big businesses do to something that serious businesses do. Branding helps your business make statements even when you are not available to talk. It generally raises the value of what ever it is that you sell. Branding is a fantastic was