If you are into grocery shopping or takeout’s, then you probably have gotten to see these paper bags. Known for their light weight, and easy carriage properties. Kraft Paper bags with folded handle offer a simple eco-friendly option with maximum space. They are mostly use When packed with heavier materials, there is a lower chance of tears or rips.  Although it can stand upright on its own thanks to its rectangular bottom, its robust design also makes it simple to open and package goods for quick, effective service that will keep your lines going continuously.

If You are a restaurant owner then this is a perfect addition to your branded items. Water resistant varieties mean that regardless the weather, these easy to pack up bags are a stylistic and eco friendly way of sending a message.

Kraft paper bags with folded handle are also good in storage. this means that you should have no fears if the bags are going to be in storage for a while. this also proves extra point for their durability.

Being a paper bag, has unlimited branding options available. So whether you prefer them plain as shown below branded, Kraft paper bags with folded handle are sure to be a great acquisition.