Its always fun talking about branding and positioning but what do people really want to see? What do they actually co me for and how do we get them excited and attracted to our brand?.

Whether you like to accept it or not, every establishment is a brand. This doesn’t in anyway refer to them or make them a business but this means there is a way that people see, relate and communicate with them. More closely, there is a reason.

Packaging in marketing or packaging marketing as i like to call it is the act where a brand designs and develops the wrapper or container to aid its transport, handling, delivery, and communicate the brand and product information by making it look attractive. The Objective where packaging works just to facilitate and ensure safety or aid product storage and transportation has long gone. Now, companies position their packaging to do the talking. This act of packaging marketing leave people talking about brands and products long after they have left the premise. Even better, it can get them talking about you before they ever get to step a foot.

Packaging is Artistic and emotional. Being a brand mean there is already a perspective that people have of you. whether or not its what you intend them to feel, one sure thing is that they are seeing and having an experience each time they come in contact with your store or packaging.

If you understand the kind of customers that you have or the reason they come to you. you would know better how to not just keep them but to grow and get more just like them. This is the emotional/experience part of packaging. For some its the sense of luxury, for others, its the memory of home. Which ever the category they may fall into, listed here or not. there is a statement you can make with you branding that help them know that they are safe and welcome with you.