Packaging Positioning

What is Packaging Positioning?

Packaging positioning is the process by which brands approach the design and development of the physical form of their product in a view to attract their target client, create a mental space for their product or service in the minds of customers. This involves the delicate process of defining the look and feel of the brand packaging touch points, which include but not limited to Colors, icons, messaging, texture, patterns and typography. Over the years research and insights has shown that the environment around the product or service affects how the customer engage with various products in the market. And this has gone on to determine the amount of market share a business can acquire.

Package Happiness


Why you need Packaging Positioning?

With the ever so competitive market landscape in today’s world, businesses are in crowded competition and each product requires the capacity to stand out from the competition. Many may result to promotions as the quickest way to improve customer acquisition and sales whilst this is a good strategy this does not always represent a sustainable business strategy, as the pop culture reference goes, “How Low can you go”. Paired with other well-crafted business strategies promotions can be a good strategy, especially when it’s accompanied by properly well-crafted packaging positioning strategy which can help the product stand out and be perceived as unique.

Basic steps to developing and
Packaging Positioning Strategy

The start of any strategic development process is the discovery phase. Our team invest time and resources into research and insights into the understanding of your brand and familiarization of your brand’s goals and mission.
Looking at your brand promise and ideology concerning sustainability. We look into your industry, research the operational ideologies and analyse the nuances of working within the industry ecosystem. After the discovery phase, we can now move forward to determine how the goals impact your packaging. We consider the following:


Look into the risk to your customers and consumers that intend to make use of the products


Materials used to manufacture the packaging and its ability to retain and keep the content preserved and presentable


Quickly open, close and dispose the packaging


The ability to stand out and be unique for the packaging to its competitors

Brand Recognition

The ability of your packaging to retain the look and feel of it parents brand.


Tone of voice, and communication style of your brand.

Quality Enforcement

Maintaining the packaging quality and integrity of its content from the production to the consumer via every interaction during its supply chain and life cycle.

Cost and Profit

Understanding the financial investment involved in the design, development and packing of your product. Being able to maintain cost and create profit in this is vital

Strategy for Brand Building

With the insights outlined, we would look into how to effectively build the brand around these overall brand insights. We know that visual goes a major way towards ensuring your product not only makes it to shelf but also in to the hands of your target customers. No matter what industry your business belongs to, ranging from wine, perfume, apparel, fast food, drinks and smoothies etc. An overall successful packaging design is very much dependent on how your visuals is able to connect to your consumer on an emotional level. This all comes together to sellability of your product packaging. How much attention of the consumers can it capture and convert them to buying customers.

  • Simple and direct
  • Clear brand messaging information structure
  • Highlight your features and unique selling points
  • Taking advantage of visual elements like color, shape, imagery and words etc

Packaging positioning is a result of strategic positioning
Every impactful initiative is a product of strategy and discovery. Investing resources into research and communication would increase the efficiency of the sales and marketing of your product.

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Thinking of an exciting project

Are you looking to build that next exciting idea of yours? Let Dowins help you build that dream of yours

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